Volunteer opportunities with ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium

VOLUNTEERING? A great way to develop new skills, make friends and connections, strengthen your CV AND contribute to making the world a little better…

ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium provides information and resources to English-speaking families with neurodivergent children, schools and teachers, and neurodivergent adults.  We aim to spread awareness about neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and Dyspraxia (also called DCD).

We are a small team that urgently needs volunteers who want to help by contributing their spare time, skills, and initiative for tasks related to:

  • Event Planning and Organisation
  • Membership
  • Communication and Administration
  • Social Media
  • ADHD Women Project

Neurodivergent adults are especially encouraged to apply!! 🙂

Please contact us at info@adhd-edu.be to find out more and see how you can enjoy being a volunteer.
Looking forward to meeting you!